Are laser printer better than inkjet printer? (2021)

This post was most recently updated on September 10th, 2021

Looking for the answer of “ are laser printer better than inkjet printer ” we are here with the answer to the question asked by most of the people while buying the printer for home office of anywhere they are working at and need the hard copy of pages.

Firstly here is the short answer to the “are laser printers better than inkjet printer?”

Laser printers are better than inkjet printers when it comes to the high printing speed, more accurate font style and cheaper to run but laser printers are not good at printing photos. When it comes to the photos printing quality inkjet printers are better than laser printers.

Now let’s discuss in detail about the most asked questions by the people that “are laser printer batter than inkjet printer?”

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How laser printer works?

So before going into the detail related to the things making laser printer than inkjet printer lets get into the working of the laser printer.

Laser printers work on the principle of electrostatic charge by electrostatically charging a rotating drum and than it uses a laser to remove the charge on the parts of the page which are to be printed.

The charged drum is coated with toner, which then only transfers to the page on the non-charged parts of the drum. The toner is then fused to the page thanks to a heating element (which is why laser-printed pages feel warm as soon as they come out).

What things make Laser Printer better than inkjet printer?

Laser printer is famous for its speed and accuracy with respect to the printing of the font or the text on the paper. Lots of people love to use it but it is recommended if you are going to buy the laser than first look at the need or requirement which means for what purpose you are going to have the printer.

 Now let’s look on the some merit and demerits of the laser printer so that we could come to the conclusion about who should buy it depending upon the need and use of it.

Printing speed

The laser printer are very high speed printers they can print the pages at the very high speed. This benefit of laser printer making is some how superior over the inkjet printer because you can print many of the pages at very high speed. As the technology is growing lots of people prefer high speed over any thing else.

But if you don’t need to print too much pages on daily basis than this thing may not matter for you on the other hand if you are high volume printing person than his can make a huge difference. But its need of the hour to complete the tasks as early as possible so it has a edge over the inkjet printer in speed.

Prints texts perfectly

So you are at the job where you need to print pages with full of texts than the laser printer is for you it can print the text into the hard copy very fastly and has the ability to handle the small texts as well. This is another great reason why people prefer it on the daily basis.

As laser printers use toners to print on the pages and works on the principle of the laser technology which is more accurate than the traditional ink usage technology. So it has the ability to handle the small texts and other things on the paper which are small in size.

High print jobs

As discussed earlier laser printer have the ability to print the papers at the high speed and can print the high volume of paper at the best time so it also has the upper hand over the inkjet printer at this point. One can print many pages in a very small interval of time. This features has very practical impact on the working of printer.

For instance one needs to print very large amount of paper on daily basis , if he has been using laser printer his job would become easy and save his time a lot.

Less cost per page

If we do head to head comparison of the cost per page of the laser printer over the inkjet printer the laser printer is going to win if the pictures are not full of graphics. The laser printer cartridges are although expensive than the inkjet printer ink but they print more pages than the inkjet printer. So the laser printer has the less cost per page.

Things that make inkjet printer better than laser printer

Both the printers inkjet printer and laser printer have there own properties making themselves better than the other one so here are the few things that make inkjet printer better than the laser printer.

Pictures quality


Inkjet printer works on the principle of ink and they use ink to print on the pages. Inkjet printers have the great ability to print the high quality pictures although you can also take the pictures print from the laser printer but the laser printer’s picture quality is much less than the inkjet printer printer’s quality.

Variety of pages

 Unlike laser printer inkjet printer can print on the variety of pages and have the excellent print quality of pictures and other graphical stuff that one wants to print. It can print on the glossy picture paper which is used for photos or other things, it can also print on sublimation paper easily with high quality of pictures so making it more flexible to use.

Cheaper ink than laser printer

 Inkjet printer use ink to print on the paper but the laser printer uses toners which are made up of organic substances making it expensive than the inkjet printer. Although the toner have the ability to print more amount of pages with the same quantity of ink but the inks are much cheaper than the toner.
But it is important to mention that in long term toners are proved to be cheaper than the ink used by the inkjet printers.

Quieter than laser printer

People love quietness around them and inkjet printer is the best printer for the people who love quietness because it prints more quality than the laser printer which although prints at very high speed but they are much nosier and they make more noise than the inkjet printer.

Frequently Asked questions about laser printer better than inkjet printer

Is inkjet or laser printer better for photos?

Inkjet printer is much better for photos as they use ink and can print images more accurately than the laser printer. Although you can print images with laser printer but the quality of the photos is low as compared to inkjet printer.

Are laser printers cheaper to operate than inkjet?

Laser printers toner are expensive than inkjet printer’s ink but they are cheaper in long term as they print more pages as compared to the inkjet printer.

Is laser printer faster than inkjet printer?

Laser printers are faster than inkjet printer they can print at very high speed (depending upon the model of printer). The reason of their high speed is that they are built on the laser technology which is fast.

Are color laser printers are better than inkjet printer?

Color laser printers are better than inkjet printer in term of speed and printing texts but when it comes to the printer’s picture quality than inkjet printers are always champions. Color laser printers are expensive than inkjet printer.

Are laser printers more reliable than inkjet?

Laser printers are more reliable than inkjet printer because they are based on the latest technology and also easy to maintain. They can printer faster and the font printing quality is also amazing but they lose the game when it comes to the pictures print quality.

Is it worth getting a laser printer?

Yes, it is worth to buy a laser printer but you need to keep in mind that if are buying a printer for photo printing than you should go for the inkjet printer.

Who should buy a laser printer?

Still wondering about “are laser printer better than inkjet printer” and wondering about “should you buy laser printer” here is the short answer that will clear your above mentioned queries about laser printers

Laser printer should be bought by the person who needs to print more page without having much need of the picture quality. If you are working in an office or you are working at a place where you need to more and more pages speedily on daily basis than laser printer would be recommended for you.

But you need to keep in mind the picture quality will be compromised. (The quality will not be that bad but that will not that good if compared to inkjet printer)

Which laser printer should you buy?


  • All in one multifunction laser printer, includes printing, copying and scanning with automatic document feeder.
  • Fast printing speed up to 22 paper per minute
  • Compatible with Window/Linux/Android/MAC OS 
  • 1 year warranty.
  • Comes with the initial 700 pages cartridges. 


Its hard to say which type of superior than the other every type of printer has its own specific features which makes it superior than the other. One should keep in mind the feature he wants to be in the printer. One should decide about which type of printer he needs after looking at needs.

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